Welcome to Roywood Masonry heaters

The ROYWOOD masonry heater is based on a centuries-old, heat-storing, radiant fireplace design from Finland.

We fabricate refractory cores and components for masonry heaters at our shop in Newbury Vermont. Options include water heating, bake ovens, and heated benches.

The Fire burns hot in the firebox, behind a ceramic glass door.  Combustion air is usually brought to the firebox from the basement or from outside.  Good combustion releases the maximum amount of energy available in the wood. Good combustion also means very low emissions.

The super-heated gasses flow up behind the bake oven into a secondary chamber. There they spill into downdraft channels located on either side of the central core. The very strong draft, generated by the intense heat, pulls the gases down the side channels where they meet and enter the chimney at the bottom of the core, under the firebox.

By forcing the gasses to follow this long path to the chimney, the heat released by the fire can be absorbed by the core and masonry. When the fire is out, the damper is shut, stopping the draft, which would otherwise cool the mass.

Many wood-burning appliances can create a clean, high-temperature burn. But it is the ability to capture and store the heat, and slowly release it to the living space at a comfortable rate over a long period of time that puts the masonry stove in category by itself.