Kaakeliuuni: Cockle Oven?

Actually the word kaakeliuuni is a Finnish adaptation of the Swedish “kakelugn” and the German “kachelofen”, both meaning “tile oven” or “tile stove”.

Kachel and Kakel mean tile, and uuni, ugn, and ofen mean oven or stove.

English: Cockle Oven?

Wiktionary defines Cockle as, 1) any of various edible bivalve mollusks having heart-shaped shells 2) one’s innermost feelings in the expression “the cockles of one’s heart”.

The conspiracy seems to be two-fold: 1) the shell-tile connection. coincidence?  2) the heart shape of the shell, the reference to innermost feelings, and the masonry heater as the “heart of the home”.


Cheers to the Cockle Oven!  Shown here with Red Cockles and cast iron hardware from Pisla Oy.

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