ROYWOOD precast masonry heater core kits made in Newbury, Vermont

Courses 1 & 2: Ash Pan and Flue Connection

course 1 & 2

Course 3
core course 3



Courses 4 & 5


Firebox Lined with firebrick
Firebox Liner

6 AB&C – The Throat

6 D


7 The Oven

oven back

secondary chamber
Fire Chamber

side downdraft channels
side channels

3 Responses to “ROYWOOD precast masonry heater core kits made in Newbury, Vermont”

  1. I would like to price a core. I would like to compare featues with albie core. with water option.

    The exterior walls of home are going up this week. I have lots of round granite facing and block granite for base, lots of firebrick.

    call ok days at 207-729-0734. fax 207-725-2382

  2. Don says:

    I am interested in purchasing a core kit. Could you give me the pricing of what you sell. Also I noticed someone else asked a similar question about how your system compares to albie core. Please respond to that point for me as well. I am also wondering if domestic hot water can be provided through your system. Looking forward to hearing from you. D

  3. Dave Gregg says:

    These things are a work of art!
    I want one in my cellar to warm the entire floor space of my old cape home in Maine. There is another flu going up the chimney that is not being used. I need to know if it is logical to attach one of your stoves to that set-up?
    Please send me more info and a price list. Thanx.

    Dave in Maine.

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