Masonry Heater, Finnish Fireplace and Russian Stove Benefits

Masonry heaters are heat-storing, radiant fireplaces. They have been used for centuries in Scandinavia, Austria, Germany, and Russia. The heat from a very hot fire is transferred to a large masonry mass which then provides radiant heat for 12-24 hours.

A Masonry Heater…

-burns a load of wood fast and clean, in excess of 1500 degrees, meaning very low emissions, maximum combustion efficiency, and zero creosote.
-stores heat from the complete combustion of wood in the ceramic core and in the masonry facing.
-radiates heat all day from one short burn.
-is the cleanest, safest, most efficient wood-burning stove.
-is made entirely of ceramic and stone, and the warmth is just like sunshine.
-is a unique work of art hand crafted by a local mason.
-can be faced with a wide variety of materials including brick, fieldstone, Soapstone, Granite, and Ceramic Tile.
-can be designed to heat over 2000 square feet of living space.
-can incorporate domestic hot water, baking, cooking, and heated benches.
-heats long after the fire goes out, so you can leave the house or go to bed without concern for an untended fire.
-will not dry the air, or circulate dust particles.
-will not cause burns, making it safe for children.